Booting grub from a removable device

Basics of grub

Recently I went into the problem of having to boot two different hard drives on a single notebook. The reason for this was that I wanted to keep the data from the first hard drive aside when using the notebook for work which might require remote access by third parties and screen monitoring. Yeah, buying an additional notebook is another possible solution (as someone suggested), but why spend thousands of bucks when you can achieve the same with just buying the hard drive, having in mind that additional cases as this are not quite often, and I could just swap a hard drive with additional setup already prepared. Please note that the idea here is to keep the SSD drive inside the notebook and swap only the second one.

In my case, the notebook has an SSD drive which has a Windows OS (and all the windows recovery partition stuff on it), and another regular SATA hard drive which includes my Kali Linux and a partition for data storage. Continue reading “Booting grub from a removable device”